Why not? Anytime you buy something you re helping someone get richer, many times the person who owns the store is already a millionnaire. Also I believe I am the only person ever to get arrested for armed robbery of 25 cents, go to trial, and get acquitted. Just goes to show what a great it is world we live in.

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Helping is fun and creates good karma, next thing you know you might become a millionaire too, or are a millionaire an going to become richer for giving to someone else, or much quicker through the lottery, then you can donate more....(-:

Fun Creating a Millionnaire by donating about 1.50$ and telling two friends
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Welcome to magic20. You are the magic I seek, to the power of twenty. All It takes is donating about 1.50$ and telling 2 friends and you will be helping create a millionaire. I recommend donating $1.50, or as much as you  want or a much as you can afford if you don't want to donate $1.50. You can donate as much as you want, you can tell as many friends as you want too of course,  yet convincing 2 is just great. It just has to be greater than 50 cents or so because of the paypal fee. The email address is menok711@gmail.com.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. The site was launched on May 18th. 2016. I am 44 years of age living in Montreal Quebec Canada,   a phone number so you can call me is 438 464 0770 in Montreal. Thanks a million!

I could help you somehow with info on this site or thru a call or thru email.    You are not purchasing anything when you donate to menok711@gmail.com.  why magic20. 2 to power of twenty. Because by the time 20 steps of people are about to tell 2 friends, the donations should amount to a million dollars..  what an opportunity to participate in something amazing for less than the cost of a hamburger. Here is one great piece of advice: Unless you are a bank don't lend anyone money. A bank wont lend money unless it takes a persons house or income on the line.